• Zeolite Concentratio

    Zeolite Concentration Rotor is a rotating adsorption equipment with the Zeolite attached to the honeycomb porous carriers. This equipment can efficiently absorb the VOCs in the exhaust gas through adsorption concentration, suitable for VOCs treatment with low concentration and large airflow.

  • Activated Carbon Fib

    ACF is a fibrous adsorption material with multiple pores by generated by organic fiber via high temperature processing of carbonization and activation. It enjoys characteristics of large specific surface area (≥1,000m2/g), abundant micropores, high adsorption capacity, high adsorption and desorption speed, high purification efficiency.

  • Dehumidification Rot

    Dehumidification Rotor applies high-efficient activated silica gel or Zeolite, equipped with central and peripheral wheel disk made by galvanized steel, with the two ends of the central hub equipped with one pair of fully enclosed ball bearings.

  • SCR Catalyst

    Adopting ceramic honeycomb with light weight, low heat capacity and high strength as carrier, SCR catalyst is coated with transition layer and high activity SCR catalyst coating in the surface. V-W-Ti is used as an active ingredient and a special coating process is used to attach the catalyst to the surface of the carrier.

VOCs typically refers to the organic compounds having an initial boiling point of 250℃ or less at standard atmospheric pressure 101.3kPA and able to cause irritation harm to the visual sensory. More and more industries produce a large quantity of VOCs emissions during the manufacturing process, and the total emission of VOCs is over 15 million tons / year in China. The major industries producing VOCs and their respective main components are shown as follows:
Main Source of VOCs Machinery Painting for Vehicles and Vessels Semiconductor Cleaning Printing Drying Petrochemistry Synthetic Resin Liquid Crystal Manufacturing Lithium Battery Coating and Electrolyte Adhesive Agent Coating
Type of VOCs Methylbenzene, dimethyl benzene, ester and alcohol IPA, alcohol, alkone and amine Methylbenzene, IPA, ester and alkone Aromatic series, organic acid and alcohol Ethenylbenzene, aldehyde and ester Alcohol, ester and amine NMP, ester and halohydrocarbon Alkone, alcohol and methylbenzene

VOCs may have adverse effects on health and cause such symptoms as headache, nausea, vomiting and fatigue and even such serious consequences as convulsions, coma, and damage to liver, kidney, brain and nervous system as well as memory loss when reaching a certain concentration.
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