Product Advantages

Brief Introduction to Adsorption Recovery System

Adsorption recovery is a method taking advantage of the adsorption material to adsorb the organic solvent in waste gas and then desorb it for recovery. Through adsorption recovery system, it can not only decrease the VOCs concentration in waste gas to reach emission standard, but also put the collection into producing after desorption to realize the cyclic utilization and reduce the materials consumption.

Process principle

When the waste gases which contain VOCs pass through adsorbent material bed, the VOCs is adsorbed into the micropores of adsorbent material, then the cleaning gas is released to the air. Before the adsorption penetrated, it should go through desorption and regeneration, then is carried off by carrier. Adsorbent should be heated correspondingly when adsorbed substance is heated for vaporization. Low temperature is good for adsorption, so sweeping is essential for reducing the temperature of adsorbent material.

Project Case