The Market Demand of Dehumidification Rotor

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Dehumidification Rotor

Dehumidification Rotor applies high-efficient activated silica gel or Zeolite, equipped with central and peripheral wheel disk made by galvanized steel, with the two ends of the central hub equipped with one pair of fully enclosed ball bearings.

Dehumidification Rotor box is welded by square steel tube and box side panel which was cut by laser. It has good structure rigidity, the dual anti-corrosion treatment process which is sprayed integrally after galvanization ensures the corrosion resistance and life length of box. Rotor box body is divided into “T” type and “Y” type according to the different position of regenerative heating zone. Customer can select in accordance with the general design requirement of dehumidification device.

Working Principle of Dehumidification Rotor

The Dehumidification Rotor inside the dehumidification part is divided by section sealing system into two zones, treatment zone and regeneration zone, and the slow rotation of rotor contributes to the complete and continuous dehumidification process. When the air treated passes through the treatment zone, the water vapor is absorbed by the dehumidification medium in the rotor, then the water vapor is phase changed and latent heat is released, and rotor gradually become dehumidification saturation. At that time, the air treated becomes dry and hot because of the moisture reduced. Meanwhile, in the regeneration zone, another route of air passes through the regeneration heater to became high temperature air (usually 100℃ to 140℃); which pass through the rotor of dehumidification saturation, and to evaporate the adsorbed water in the rotor to recover the dehumidification capability; at the same time, regeneration air became moist air because of the moisture evaporated; then the moist air is discharged to the outdoor by regeneration draught fan. It is as shown in the following figure (same as VOCs treatment):

Dehumidification Rotor Industrial Application

The dehumidification technology of Napotec® rotor can provide service for a variety of technically demanding industries, including: the production, processing and cold storage of food, the pharmaceutical manufacturing, the retention of archives, paper and national defense equipment, and the anti-corrosion control of bridges; the fabrication of lithium battery, electronic product and semiconductor; skating rink and swimming pool; coating and painting industry; data center, etc.