Napotec is the supplier of global environmental protection equipment and core materials – involving in the first R&D round, mature application and independent mass production of Zeolite Concentration Rotor sieve adsorption concentration runner. Whether you are from research institutes, environmental protection companies, engineering companies, or any enterprises or individuals interested in environmental protection, we sincerely invite you to join us to share the research achievements, undertake the VOCs treatment responsibilities to protect the blue sky.

I. Contemplation Stage

You are welcomed to submit customer information table of product applications and long-term purchase application needs at any time via e-mail, 400 Tel or the official website.

We will call you to confirm the submitted information, introduce our products and further understand your purchase intentions and individual needs within two working days.

We will offer you related product catalogues and professional model selection opinions according to your needs within five working days.

II. Exploratory Stage

Site mutual evaluation: you may visit the modern production plant and R&D laboratory in the headquarters for further information as needed; establish long-term purchase cooperation intention, or core product dealerships in a certain industry or region to enjoy the maximum benefits.

III. Cooperation State

Sign the product professional letter of intent to obtain a package of promotional materials; provide professional products and marketing training; website advertising; product maintenance guide localization, and worry-free service.

IV. Preferential Policy

1. Priority supply, enjoy the shortest delivery period.

2. Professional guidance of model selection and customized ratio to ensure the best quality.

3. Technical support, provide the best modular supporting equipment.

4. Localization services, convenient and efficient.

5. Most affordable, long-term cooperation and win-win development.

Gas to be Purified
times (reference to airflow of gas treated)